Summer Reading Program 2017

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Sign up for the summer reading program at any of the Warren County Library’s four locations beginning June 19.  

The program continues through August 12 for kids, teens, and adults.

There are lots of great activities planned too, so check the calendar of events and plan to catch as many as you can!



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The Little Builders Club is for infants and toddlers through age 2.  Older 2-year-olds may sign up for the older kids’ program instead of Little Builders.

How the program works:

In the Little Builders Club, you and your child will complete various activities related to early literacy. 
Complete two activities each week, initial them in your log booklet and bring the log to the library to receive stickers for those activities,
a small prize and a ticket that will be good for both the weekly drawing prize pack and the grand prize drawing. 
Activities include things like drawing letters in the sand, sharing nursery rhymes, and reading concept books.  You may also list the books you read in the space provided in the booklet. 
Upon completion of the program you may select a board book as your child’s final prize.  The last day to qualify for the grand prize drawing is August 12th.



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The Kids’ summer reading club is for children entering kindergarten through 6th grade.  The teen club also starts at 6th grade, so kids entering 6th grade may choose either program.

How the program works:

  • Sign up in person at any Warren County Library location.
  • Receive a log booklet and start reading.  Younger children who are not yet reading may be read to by a parent, caregiver, older sibling, a librarian, etc.
    If you come to Storytime, you may also count those books.  (Audiobooks count, too!)
  • Write down the titles of the books read in the spaces provided in the booklet.
  • Each week, bring your booklet to the library to select a small prize and receive a ticket that will be good for the   
    weekly prize drawing and the grand prize drawing.
  • For every 5 books that you read, you will receive 1 additional weekly/grand prize drawing ticket.
  • If you read 100 or more books, you will be featured on a Summer Super Star Reader Poster and receive your own copy of the poster.
  • The last day to qualify for the grand prize drawing is August 12th.



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Each week we will post two puzzles comprised of emojis that symbolize a book title, one picture book or easy reader, and one juvenile fiction book. 
Figure out the book title and submit your entry slip to the summer reading desk.  All correct entries will be entered into a drawing to be held at the end of the summer reading program.


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Every branch has its own resident creature, and they love to hide! (Ask the staff for a hint of what to look for!) 
Tell us where you find this creature and you will receive a sticker for your log booklet and a ticket for the weekly/grand prize drawing. 
This creature, whoever it is, will move to a different place each week.  You never know where it will be!


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Are you looking for something fun to do this summer?  Look no further than our library. Whether its our vast STEAM and MAKER programs,
Minecraft clubs, interactive presentations, arts and crafts, or lock-in nights, we've got something for everybody. Check out our online calendar for a full list of events