Suggest an Item for Purchase

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Is there an item you think the library should own? Follow the steps below to suggest a purchase.

Check our catalog!

Search our catalog for the title, author or subject for which you are looking.

If we own the item, use your library card to place a hold within the catalog.  Your library card number is the entire string of digits without spaces. Your PIN is the last four digits of the phone number we have on file. We’ll deliver the item to the branch of your choice as soon as it is available.  If an item is only available in the library (Reference items), please contact staff for help in order to access the item on-site. Click here for contact info for the branches.

If you don’t see the title for which you are looking, you will then...

Fill out a Book and Media Suggestion form

Provide us with as much information as possible about your request via the form, so that we can ensure we locate the correct item.

At this point, the library staff will do the following

  • Confirm the requested item is not already in our catalog.
  • Verify that the requested item meets our selection criteria and materials policy.
  • Confirm the item information and check for availability with an approved library vendor.  Sometimes an item is not available to purchase, or it falls outside the scope of our selection criteria.  If you have indicated “Yes” on the “Will you accept an Interlibrary Loan” field on the form, we will then attempt to temporarily borrow the item from a library who does own it. 
  • Deliver purchased or borrowed items to the pick-up location you’ve noted on the form.  You will be notified when an item is ready to pick-up according to the notification settings on your account (the same way you are notified about any holds you place on items in the catalog).  If we are not able to purchase or borrow the requested item, we will contact you.

Please remember…

You must be a Warren County Library cardholder to submit a request.

We receive a large quantity of requests.  We cannot guarantee that we can fulfill a request within a specific timeframe.  Please use the “Additional Information” box on the form to tell us if you don’t need/want the item beyond a certain time (for example, “not wanted after…”).

Please contact us if you need assistance at any point!