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Belvidere Apollo/Intelligencer/Apollo-Journal  (Weekly) (Microfilm)
August 1, 1826 - September 3, 1953.

Evans, Robert.  Belvidere Apollo/Intelligencer/Apollo-Journal Obituary Index.  Belvidere,  N.J.:  Warren County Library, 2002-2015.
The seven volumes cover 1826-1953.

The News (Belvidere)  (Weekly) (Microfilm)
January 4, 1978 - December 25, 1985.

The News (Belvidere)  (Weekly) (Bound Volumes)
May 1962 - December 1985.

Easton Express-Times/Express/Daily Express (Easton, PA)  (Daily)
November 5, 1855 - present.

Hackettstown Gazette/Warren Democrat/Warren Gazette  (Weekly)
November 26, 1857 - September 5, 1974.

Hackettstown Herald/Warren Republican  (Weekly)
January 5, 1883 - December 26, 1884, January 4, 1889 - December 17, 1920.

Phillipsburg Star/Phillipsburger  (Weekly)
January 20, 1928 - December 28, 1961.

Warren Journal  (Weekly)
March 7, 1848 - May 12, 1953.

Washington Star/Star/Star-Gazette  (Weekly)
January 9, 1868 - present.

O'Brien, John L.  History of the Year:  a Chronological Listing of Events from 1892-1915 from the Pages of the Washington Star.  Andover, N.J.:  John L. O'Brien, 1995.
This includes lists of deaths, marriages, and other items of interest.  There is no index.

The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey.  New Brunswick, N.J.:  Genealogical Society of New Jersey.
The library has the magazine from 1925 to the present, but some of the issues are missing.

Stryker-Rodda, Kenn.  Index to the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey.  Cottonport, La.:  Polyanthos, 1973-1982.  4 volumes.
These indexes cover volumes 1 through 50 of the magazine.  We have individual yearly indexes for the later years.

Warren County Magazine  1986-1994.
This magazine provides information on Warren County happenings, history, folklore, historic sites, businesses, and more.  There is no index.

Daughters of the American Revolution.  Peggy Warne Chapter.  Peggy Warne News Letter,1958-1970.  Washington, N.J.:  The Chapter, 1958-1970.
These newsletters occasionally have articles about the county and about various Warren County families.  This is not a complete set.  There is no index.

Washington Messenger (newsletter).  1982 - current.
These newsletters give news of businesses, people, happenings and other such things for the Washington area of Warren County.  There is no index.