People, Genealogies, Family Histories, and Military Service

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Andrews, Jay D.  The Harmon Shipman Clan of Warren County, N.J. and Northampton County, Pa.  Yorktown, Virginia, 1996.
This is indexed.

Armstrong, William Clinton.  John Wildrick of New Jersey 1707-1793:  a Genealogy of His Son George Wildrick.  New Brunswick, N.J.:  J. Heidinsfeld Co., 1933.
There is a surname index.

Armstrong, William C.  Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey.  Lambertville, N.J.:  Hunterdon House, 1979.
"Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey" was a series of weekly articles which appeared in the Hackettstown Gazette newspaper starting in 1934.  There were 94 installments.  Most of the articles are genealogical, but some are biographical such as the articles on the abolitionist, Benjamin Lundy.

Axford, Donald E.  Axfords of New Jersey.  Ontario, Canada, 1992. 
There is no alphabetical index.

Brown, Ira Smith.  One McMurtrie Family.  Marion Brown Preston, 1968. 
There is no index.

Butler, John W.  The Butler Family of Northwestern NJ:  Their Ancestors, Descendants, and Related Families, Including McMurtrie, Howell, Allen, Cole, Barton, Clark, Underhill, Gingles and Green.  Salem, Mass:  Higginson Book Co., 1966. 
There is a name index.

Cowell, Charles P.  Cowell:  Descendants of William Cowell, 1766-1994.  Sun City, Fl.:  Charles P. Cowell, 1994. 
There is a name index.

Creveling, Louis G.  Creveling Family History and Genealogy.  Charlotte, N.C.:  Herb Eaton Historical Publications, 1988. 
There is a name index.

Cummins, Annie Blair.  Cummins-Titman and Allied Families.  Hartford:  States Historical Company, 1946.
This includes the following families:  Cummins, Carhart, Lord, Phillips, Alden, Titman, Blair, and Roseberry.  There is no index.

DePuy, LeRoy Beck.  Beck Family History.  Bradenton, Fl.:  L. B. DePuy, 1992.
This book is partially indexed.

DePuy, LeRoy Beck.  Depuy/DePue Family History.  Bradenton, Fl.:  L. B. DePuy, 1990.
This volume is indexed.

Firth, Richard Allan.  Firth Family:  The Study of John and Mary Firth and Associated Families.  Sun City, Az.:  Richard Allan Firth. 
There is no index.

Fretz, A. J.  A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Andrew Newbaker of Hardwick Township, Warren County, New Jersey.  Netcong, N.J.:  Union Times Print, 1908.
There is no index.

Gares, Eva Willever.  Willever Genealogy.  Harmony, N.J.:  Harmony Press, 1977.
This is indexed.

History and Genealogy of the Jacob Banghart Family.  Easton, Pa.,:  Frederick L. Mullin, 1964.  (Includes a 1968 supplement). 
There is an index.

Kennedy, Sarah Elizabeth.  The Kennedy Chronicle.  1891.
There is no index.

Kroeck, Donald J.  Family Genealogy Report and Family Tree Data for the Tiedemann, Lommason, Fort and Kitchen Families.  Hamilton Square, N.J.:  D. J. Kroeck, 2001. 
There is no index.

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancestry Index) in the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988.
The library has 166 volumes of the Lineage Books, and the indexes for volumes 1 through 160.  The information in the lineage books was compiled from the information contained in the application papers of the members.    

New Jersey.  Adjutant-General's Office.  Records of Officers and Men of New Jersey in Wars, 1791-1815.  Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1970.
The wars include:  the expedition against the Indians in 1791;  the Pennsylvania Insurrection in 1794;  the naval war with France, 1798-1801;  the naval war with Tripoli, Africa, 1801-1805;  the war with Great Britain, 1812-1815;  and the naval war with Algiers, Africa in 1815.  Each section has its own index.

Nunn, J. Harold.  The People of Hackettstown New Jersey.  Hackettstown:  The J. H. Nunn Co., 1956.
The first half of this book provides information on Hackettstown and the surrounding area.  The second half contains family histories of notable Hackettstown area residents.  There is an index.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Hunterdon and Warren Counties New Jersey.  New York:  Chapman Publishing Company, 1898.
This book contains short biographies of many well-known citizens of Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  The publishers, saying they did not want a dry statistical account, claim to have gone to these people or their families and gotten the stories of their lives from their very lips.  They also include biographies of the presidents of the United States up to McKinley.  The book contains 59 portraits and an index.

Register of the Commissioned Officers and Privates of New Jersey Volunteers in the Service of the United States.  Jersey City, N.J.:  John H. Lyon, 1863.
These are New Jersey volunteers who served in the United States Civil War.  There is no index, but there are several alphabetical lists.

Reichart, Scott.  Albertson and Brands Families of Warren County, New Jersey and Related Families.  Windsor, California.
Some of the related families include Vliet, Kirchoff, Angle, Hendershot, and Wyckoff.  There is no index.

Richards, Jay C.  Officers and Men of Warren County in the Civil War 1861-1865.  Belvidere, N.J.:  Jay C. Richards, 1998.
This is an alphabetical list of the men from Warren County who served in the United States Civil War.  For most of the entries, you will find the soldier's unit, the date he entered the service, and the date he mustered out of the service.

Shepherd, Scott.  Early Settlers in the Quaker Community of the Pequest River Valley, Allamuchy, New Jersey and Vicinity. 
This book is indexed.

Shepherd, Scott.  My Early Quaker Roots in West Jersey:  the Lundy, Schooley, Willson and Associated Families at Crosswicks, Kingwood, and Hardwick. 
This material is indexed.

Stryker, William S.  Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War.  Trenton, N.J.:  John L. Murphy, Steam Book and Job Printer, 1876.
This massive work does what the title says - it gives a record of New Jersey men who served in the Civil War.  It gives the regiment and company each man served in plus his rank, when he joined, when he was discharged, how long he was in, and any remarks.  It also gives a paragraph or two about each regiment.  There is a name index.

Stryker, William S.  Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War.  Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Company, 1967.
This volume gives the names of New Jersey men and officers who served in the Revolutionary War, their rank, battalion, regiment, and company.  For some, other bits of information are given such as their captain's name, any promotions they may have received, their county of origin, if they were wounded, etc.

Williams, Mark.  The Mackey Clan:  the Descendants of Captain Joseph and Margaret Wilhelm Mackey Married 04 May 1762.  Edon, Ohio, 1995.